Six Tips for Selecting a CPA in Atlanta GA

Finding the right accountant requires a little research and work. Think about the services that will need to be performed (taxes, an audit, tax planning, etc.) in order to narrow the search. Search for a CPA specialized in your area of interest.

An accountant does not have to be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), but a CPA is always an experienced, skilled accountant. In order to be designated a CPA, a person must fulfill continuing professional education requirements and pass an in-depth examination. In addition, most states, including Georgia, have a Board of Accountancy that issues CPA licenses and regulates the accounting profession. The Georgia State Board of Accountancy also has a consumer protection mission. Anyone who has a complaint regarding any CPA near Atlanta GA is able to file a complaint with the Board. They will investigate and, if necessary, take appropriate disciplinary actions or license restrictions.

Someone looking for a good CPA near Atlanta GA can use the following tips to find a reputable CPA.

  1. Check on the Georgia State Board of Accountancy’s website to find out if that person has an active license or has been subject to any enforcement actions.
  2. Talk to the CPA under consideration. Does this person routinely perform the type of accounting that is needed?
  3. Has the CPA taken continuing education in the subject that is of most interest? Does the CPA have specialized knowledge in the area that you need a CPA for?
  4. If a CPA is needed to do an audit or review financial documents and sign a report, is the CPA authorized and qualified to do so? Being authorized to sign a report means that the CPA has completed at least 500 hours in attest work. Qualified means that the CPA believes that their education and experience has equipped them to professionally perform the required work.
  5. If you need a CPA for an audit or to review and report on financial documents, ask about the results of the last peer review. This is a required, periodic review of a firm that performs audits or signs financial reports performed by a CPA not affiliated with the CPA or firm.
  6. Ask if the office is open year-round.

Anyone looking for an experienced CPA near Atlanta GA, should check on local companies providing tax services. Finding the right accountant for you or your business is an important decision.

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