Some Benefits of Getting Implants That Rival Natural Teeth Explained

Sometimes, individuals have such poor dental health that they may lose some or all of their natural teeth. In the past, people in this situation would simply get traditional dentures and be done with the issue. However, there are more options available today with impressive cosmetic dentistry procedures that include implants for teeth that a Phoenix, AZ, dental specialist currently offers patients.

Why Dentists Recommend Dental Implants Rather Than Dentures

Although the quality of dentures has improved through the years, they still are less desirable than some of the newer dental options. Dentures need to be carefully taken out and cleaned daily, and they usually require setting glue to hold them in place. Still, many dentures will slip and slide causing mouth discomfort and even embarrassment for the denture wearer. This is one reason why dentists tend to recommend dental implants, especially for younger patients.

Missing Teeth May Result in Loss of Bone Density & Misalignment of Remaining Teeth

Over time, missing teeth can result in remaining teeth being shifted to fill in the gap or spaces left behind. In addition, without a viable tooth root embedded into the jawbone, patients will lose bone density as they age. This can result in an unattractive sunken-in appearance of the lower face and jawline. Dental implants resolve both of these issues as they are embedded and will grow into the jawbone over time.

Where To Turn for Natural Implants

Find natural-looking implants teeth at a Phoenix, AZ, dental practice. Dr. Kevin Toal and Dr. Maureen Toal have a combined 65 years of experience keeping patients comfortable while getting the dental care they need. If you or someone you love is trying to find a dentist that has experience working with tough cases, our dental practice is the answer. Compassionate, professional dental care in Phoenix and the surrounding area.

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