Some dental implants require a bone graft

There are times when a person needs dental implants in Manhattan and the area designated for the titanium implant has been damaged, perhaps by periodontal disease or some other infection. As it is necessary that the jaw bone be capable of supporting the implant, there are times when the dentist will have to perform a bone graft which will promote bone growth and build the tissue.

So there will be no fear of a rejection of the grafted bone, the dentist much prefers that the bone that is needed comes directly from the patient. Many times the bone can come from the jaw as the dentist prepares for the procedure, it is also possible to harvest the bone from the hip or chin. If the bone comes from somewhere other than the jaw it is usually done in a hospital setting under local anesthesia.

In the event the harvest cannot come from the patient, there are other options. In cases like this, the dentist can purchase bone from a bone bank where bone which has been taken from cadavers is available for medical use. There are various synthetic materials available but they have not proven to be as successful as real bone.

The dentist who is doing the Dental Implants In Manhattan places the new bone into the correct spot on the patients jaw bone. As the bone will graft, it can be placed in several small pieces if necessary to get the fill the dentist is looking for. Once the bone has been successfully placed, a barrier membrane is used. This membrane protects the graft area by inhibiting soft tissues from growing into the graft area which will have a detrimental effect on the graft. During this period when the graft is taking, it may be held static with sutures or screws.

When bone from a cadaver is used there is always the possibility that the patient will have a reaction to it and reject the graft outright. Even if the bone has been harvested from the patient there is the possibility of infection and pain, both of which can be attended to by the dentist.

Under normal conditions as tooth implant procedure takes perhaps two months in total. When a bone graft is required, the time can easily jump from two months to nine months for the procedure to be completed.

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