Studio and One-Bedroom Apartments for College Students Wanting to Live Solo

A university student who has had some unpleasant experiences with roommates may be done with that lifestyle for now. Noisy, inconsiderate and otherwise disruptive roommates can distract from studies and cause ongoing frustration. It’s time to look at studio or one-bedroom apartments for college students in Austin.

These roommate experiences may have happened in a residence hall, where the close quarters exacerbate any conflicts that develop. However, apartment roommates also can realize they aren’t a good match. Certain factors may seem too important to compromise on.

Neat vs. Messy

One person may be neat and tidy while the other is unreasonably messy, for example. That’s a movie and TV trope exemplified best by

The Odd Couple

in its various forms. Although the personalities of these characters were exaggerated, one reason for the popularity is how many people can relate to this particular conflict.

Romance in the Air

Sometimes everything starts out fine, but then a significant lifestyle change happens. One of the more common problems occurs when one roommate begins a serious romantic relationship. Now it feels like three people live in the apartment instead of the original two. Even if this new partner is likable and easy-going, the other roommate may prefer to find a different place. Living solo in one of the apartments for college students in Austin is appealing.

Peace and Quiet

The peace and quiet of living alone makes it easier to study at home and get enough rest. An individual feel happier and is glad to have made the move. Details on a community offering studio and one-bedroom apartments in Lark Austin can be viewed at

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