Tabletop glass – not just for glass tables!

Tabletop glass has two main forms. The one most people think of first is for glass tables, but it can also be used to protect existing surfaces.

Glass tables

Glass tables have been popular for both interior and exterior use for many years. It allows for stylish, contemporary design and results in light, airy furniture that does not fill up the space in the same way that darker wooden piece do. However, glass table tops need to be taken care of – accident and safety experts estimate that 20,000 people a year are injured by faulty or damaged units. Chipped or cracked tabletops can easily result in dangerous cuts, particularly if someone is unaware of them. They also weaken the structure of the glass, so a damaged table top can shatter without warning when a heavy load is placed on it or it receives a sudden knock. When chips or cracks are noticed, they should immediately be seen to by a professional glass company SeattleSeattle glass company. Repair may be possible, but if not, it’s essential to have the tabletop replaced for safety reasons.

Surface protection

If you have valuable wooden furniture, particularly antiques or heirlooms with wooden or leather surfaces, a glass top can provide substantial protection from drinks, ink, scratches, or pets. For additional protection, tinted glass keeps out harmful ultra-violet rays from sunlight, which will prevent fading and cracking. A glass top can also add extra shine to a piece of furniture without needing to varnish the wood.

Call a professional Seattle glass company for a consultation and see what options are available for different types and thicknesses of glass to suit your item. Thicker glass provides more protection and can look good, but don’t forget that glass is heavy, and your item must be able to support the weight, particularly if you’re dealing with a large piece of furniture. You can also select different types of edging, ranging from straightforward flat polish edges to more fancy beveled edges which add a nice accent. Glass can be cut to any shape to suit unique furniture items, from simple end tables to writing desks, bureaux, conference and dining tables, or coffee tables.

If you have children in the house, or you expect the item to get heavy usage, then for safety reasons you should consider upgrading from standard glass to a tempered or laminated glass. These are much stronger and will be much less likely to crack or shatter if the glass comes off or if an object is put onto it with too much force.

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