Tasks For Bail Agents In Shelton, CT

In Connecticut, bail bondsmen assist criminal defendants who are unable to pay off their entire bail value. The bonds are available for a percentage of the total bail value. Typically, the percentage ranges up to fourteen percent. Local bail agents in Shelton CT perform vital tasks to help defendants become released from the county jail.

Initial Contact with Defendants

Most county jails allow criminal defendants to speak with a bail bondsman after the defendant is booked. Bondsmen visit the county jail on a daily basis to acquire clients and meet with defendants upon request. The bondsmen explain all requirements for the defendant if he or she chooses to obtain a bail bond.

Who Provides Payment to the Bondsman?

Typically, a criminal defendant doesn’t have access to their personal belongings inside the jail. However, a family member could acquire visitation with the defendant to get a check signed for their bond payment. Otherwise, a representative or an attorney could provide the payment to the bail bondsman on the defendant’s behalf.

What Does the Process Involve?

The bondsman collects the payment and completes all necessary forms for the bail bond. The forms are presented to a judge who must approve the bail bond and ensures that the bondsman followed all applicable laws. Once the judge signs the documents, the bondsman presents them to the correctional officers at the county jail. The defendant undergoes out-processing and is released pending their upcoming court date.

FTAs and Bench Warrants

Any criminal defendant that fails to appear in court is subject to a new arrest. The judge issues a bench warrant for the defendant which allows the officers to arrest the defendant at any time without probable cause. The bail bond is revoked if the defendant doesn’t appear in court.

In Connecticut, bail bondsmen assist criminal defendants who want to post bail. The bail bond provides an opportunity to get out of jail before their court date. All defendants who are released via bail bond must follow all instructions provided by their bondsman and the correctional officers. Defendants who need the services of Bail Agents in Shelton CT can find more information right now.

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