Termite Troubles: Signs of Hungry Bugs in Your Jupiter, FL Home

What could possibly interfere with the gorgeous and beautiful beaches and easy living of residing in Jupiter, FL? Most homeowners think of flood or fire when it comes to keeping their home safe, but in fact, serious termite trouble is far more common than water or flames. These ruinous and destructive bugs cause more than five billion dollars in damages to American homes and property every year. Here are four ways to look around your home to see if termites are trying to take up residence in Jupiter, FL with you.

Look for Termite Frass

If only the word “frass” meant something fun, like sassafrass or something sassy, but unfortunately, it means nothing good. When termites are chowing down on wood, they leave wood-colored droppings that resemble a fine powder. In the natural world, insect frass is great for feeding flowers, but all it means to a home is that the wood is being compromised by termite damage. Search your Jupiter, FL home for signs of frass. This the most common clue that proves the existence of this tiny, hungry pest.

Search for Mud Tubes

You’ll want to walk along the side of the house and look down at its foundation. While Jupiter is fairly humid, termites will still stick to old habits and build mud tubes low to the ground to make sure they have moisture while they search for food. Don’t stack wood along the side of the house, or any type of firewood or wood chips, as this will only create a moisture-rich, plentiful-food environment for a termite colony to congregate.

Scout Out the Cracks

As well as searching for mud tubes for the subterranean termite species, you should also see if drywood termites are trying to set up camp in your home. Even a crack in the paint no larger than a dime is an invitation for a termite to try its luck at entering and eating your biggest investment: your home. Areas near vents and windows are especially susceptible to termite visits, so monitor them carefully and often.

Tap the Wood

The humid climate in Jupiter, FL is, unfortunately, just perfect for termites that like living in dark and stuffy spots such as the interior sections of the wood in your home. They enjoy this environment so much, in fact, that they will eat the wood from the inside out, giving it the appearance of healthy wood. This means you should tap the wood to see if it sounds hollow, and if it does, it’s time to take action immediately.

To rid your home of termite problems as soon as possible, give Bates Exterminating in Jupiter, FL a call today.



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