The 3 C’s For Choosing a Salon for Lash Tinting in Round Rock TX

There are only so many hours each day. There are some unavoidable things that must be done, such as brushing your teeth, but putting on mascara, that can be delegated. Lash Tinting in Round Rock TX has become a staple for exactly this reason.

What is Lash Tinting and what are its benefits?

Lash tinting can place in a salon. There, it takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. Dyes are used to darkening the eye lashes. Dyes used are dependent on the salon. the more natural, yet long-lasting dyes would be preferable, as eyes are very sensitive.

A well stocked salon will be stocked with various shades which can be mixed to individualize the experience. This results in a beautiful pop of color around the eyes, looking energetic and ready for anything. This “mascara” is in place and ready to go for 4-6 weeks, saving time and energy. It is certainly an excellent return on the 15-30 minutes spent in a beauty bar chair.

How would you choose the right place?

There are many places to choose from for Lash Tinting services in Round Rock TX. Here are 3 C’s to consider when looking at a salon.

• Customer Service. Call around to see who is willing to talk about the dyes used in the salon. Any reputable place will be knowledgeable about the products used in there. The front desk may not know immediately off hand, however, the esthetician using the products should know.

• Competence. Do staff members respond to questions professionally? Are they willing to listen to concerns? These are great indicators of their knowledge of the service being provided. Everyone needs to start somewhere with experience. However, knowledge is half the battle.

• Cleanliness. Before making an appointment, consider going to the location in advance and check to see the cleanliness of the salon. A well run place will have a great schedule for cleaning and a sense of pride amongst the staff.

Competency, customer service, and cleanliness are all great starting points before getting any work done at a salon. Wanting to save some time in the morning is wonderful, but choose the right place. Amongst the many locations to research, consider Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar for Lash Tinting in Round Rock TX.

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