The Advantages of a Country Club Wedding Held in Wisconsin

Though you are excited about your upcoming nuptials, you may feel stressed about the planning process. Often, a space like a country club can be the most advantageous place to get what you need. These locations offer flexibility with the setting since they have indoor and outdoor accommodations. In many cases, they also offer opportunities to decide between an intimate occasion or a larger affair. Continue below to learn the advantages of a country club wedding.


Though you can find a list of what you need, you still may struggle with getting the right vendors for your affair. Not only do you need them to be available on that day, but you also need them to have reliable capabilities.

You would not want them to deliver a poor product or not show up at all. By hosting a Lake Geneva country club wedding, you can take advantage of their connections and suggestions for vendors. They may have the best suggestions on how to get everything you need.


Getting your guests from one place to the next can become quite a hassle. Trying to make them understand directions to the venues can be confusing and cause someone to skip your event. Yet, it is more convenient with a Lake Geneva country club wedding. These spaces can hold the wedding and reception in one area. This closeness makes it more convenient to gather your attendees and keep them around until the end of your occasion.

In many cases, you can get everything you need with a Lake Geneva country club wedding with Abbey Springs. Visit for more information!