The Benefits of a Roof Access Walkway System

When you need a safe way for workers and other people to get up onto your roof, you can install a roof access walkway system. These systems offer interlocking planks, and they are safe for foot traffic and protect your roof. They are sturdy and durable, and you can add options such as a roof railing system to ensure that anyone up on the roof is safe.

Metal Roof Walkways

A roof access walkway system includes metal roof walkways. They are designed to offer safe rooftop access and prevent damage to your roof panels at the same time. They are attached with clamps that do not penetrate the standing seam of roof panels, and they are made of galvanized steel. The planks are pierced and punched, which makes them resistant to skidding. These sturdy planks are twelve inches wide and ten feet long. Because they are interlocking, you can customize the size based on your needs.

Options for Improved Safety

You can take your safety one step further by adding options to a roof access walkway system, such as a toe kick or an OSHA-compliant handrail. The toe kick is six inches high, and the handrail can be installed on one or both sides of the walkway. You can get forged iron handrail fittings and choose from different custom finish options. If you need to crossover pipes or ductwork, you can choose optional parts to accomplish this. The entire system ships together and is compatible with any R-Panel roof. When you choose this type of system, you can ensure that workers are safe while they are on your roof.