The Benefits Of Dental Insurance In North Carolina

Dental health is more than just having a wonderful smile. Research links poor dental health with a range of conditions, including diabetes, cancers, heart disease, kidney disease, and cardiovascular health problems.

Many people do not have dental insurance in North Carolina. This can lead to infrequent dental appointments, poor oral hygiene and health, and an increased risk of a range of different medical and dental health conditions. Adding NC dental insurance to health insurance plans helps to cover the cost of many types of treatments. This proactive approach is effective in providing the opportunity for better overall health for all insured.

More Than Just Regular Dental Care at Home

Even people that routinely brush and floss can end up with serious dental conditions, including gingivitis and periodontal disease. These can result in early tooth loss, chronic types of infections in the gums, and an increased risk of associated medical conditions.

Adding Dental Insurance In North Carolina covers regular dental visits for cleanings and check-ups at one hundred percent. This means people throughout the state can see their dentist undergo professional tooth cleaning and exams with no money out of pocket.

Other Services Covered

In addition to cleaning and check-ups, dental insurance in North Carolina offers a percentage of coverage for essential dental procedures. This can extend to the whole family, reducing the cost of both scheduled and emergency dental visits.

The reduced costs of procedures such as fillings, crowns, dentures, and root canals can total in the thousands of dollars per year for a family. Taking advantage of these savings is only possible with the addition of dental insurance.

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