The Benefits of Integrating a Small Business VoIP Phone System

When you consider the number of expenses that go into running a small business, it is likely you are constantly looking for ways to cut corners. If you want to be able to be competitive and run along with the bigger companies, you have to find ways to cut expenses without sacrificing efficiency or productivity. One of the best ways to cut costs and add efficiency to your business is to implement a small business VoIP phone system.

Many Offices

If your company has a large number of offices, remote workers and external sales offices, you could benefit from switching over to VoIP for many reasons, in addition to being able to save money. When all employees and contractors are on the same system, everyone is able to take advantage of the features of your sophisticated phone system, regardless of their location. This makes it possible to transfer calls from one extension to another, even if the employees are located in different states. It also makes internal calls and voice messaging easy and best of all, free.

Easy Administration

For many small businesses, the owner wears many hats, including that of the network administrator. Even if you have a dedicated employee or department handling your networks, you can simplify their job and the amount of money you have to spend on maintaining your network by providing them with one network for both phone and Internet. The small business VoIP phone system can be administered from one interface, making it easy to add, change or remove an employee or extension.

Many Functions

VoIP not only makes it easy to communicate with employees who span the globe but also makes it easier to determine the best way to contact them. The network makes it possible to see who is available by phone or online, helping employees determine the best method to contact a co-worker, either through instant message or telephone. In addition, it makes it possible to hold video conferences, making meetings feasible from just about anywhere.

While it is more difficult for small businesses to compete with larger companies, it is possible, especially when you find ways to cut your expenses. Today’s technology, such as a small business VoIP phone system, makes it possible to take advantage of the latest advances in communications while possibly significantly reducing your telephone bills. With the ability to communicate with employees throughout the world, easily manage the system and offer various ways to meet with employees virtually, it is a great method for small businesses to remain productive.

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