The Best Place for Supporting Performing, Visual, and Digital Arts

Thinking and learning outside the box can bring students into a greater level of creativity and education. JDS Creative Academy has been helping students enhance their creative side through the arts. This non-profit organization includes performing arts, visual, and digital arts, meeting the interests of each individual.

This organization has mastered including all differences and abilities while bridging the mainstream and special needs programs to celebrate everyone. Even though most classes can be taken for fun, the classes are structured to meet the VAPA, or the California Educational Code for Visual and Performing Arts, This holds JDS Creative Academy to a quality standard. There are other classes designed to train in industry needs or apprenticeships for those interested in the Fine Arts program.

The Fine Arts program can lead to Digital Arts, which is computer science and technology, and it teaches the students perspective, along with composition, geometry, and balance. The Riverside County Events include acting, which teaches the students how to be self-confident and good communicators. The Acting classes also teach speech skills, while improving reading and knowledge of literature.

The Riverside County events house dance classes and Classes to teach the important things going on behind the scene. The beauty of dance is that it teaches students discipline, health, and fitness. While working behind the scenes teaches skills like engineering, technology, and logistics.

No matter what the client is interested in or has a passion for, JDS Creative Academy has a place for them. To learn more about the only choice when it comes to performing, visual, and digital arts in the Temecula, CA area, visit the website.

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