The Importance of Hiring Certified Metal Roofers in Nassau County, NY to Install a Metal Roof

Metal roof systems are used on a wide variety of buildings. They are installed on industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Metal roofs come in two basic categories: architectural and structural roofing systems. An architectural metal roof system has a separate structural deck that supports the metal panels. Structural metal roof systems, on the other hand, use metal panels as both the structural deck for the roof and the waterproofing system for the building.

Just like other roofing types, metal roofs are prone to problems. Most metal roofing problems can be avoided by ensuring that the installations are done by a qualified roofer. Here are the three most common metal roof problems that can be resolved by hiring experienced metal roofers in Nassau County NY.

Failing Fasteners and Clips

Fasteners and clips that hold a standing seam metal roof down are essential. Most roofing contractors that install steel roofs use galvanized screws and clips to install the roofs. Although they can hold the roof, galvanized screws and clips are subject to deterioration and corrosion.

If a roof is not installed properly using the right fasteners and clips, it could be blown off by the wind. An experienced metal roofer can ensure that a metal roofing system is installed correctly and is fastened with stainless steel fasteners.

Oil Canning

Oil canning is also known as elastic bucking. It occurs when a metal panel is over-stressed, making it impossible to maintain its flatness. Oil canning can also be caused by poorly adjusted roll forming equipment, uneven substrate, and a lack of tension leveling of product. The best way to reduce oil canning is to choose a skilled and experienced roofer who is knowledgeable about ways to avoid oil canning.


Leaks are a common roofing problem irrespective of the material used for the roofing. However, leaks in metal roofs are due to poor installation. Some of the causes of leaks in metal roof include defective flashing, incorrect placement of fasteners, low-quality sealants, and failed seams.

These are just some of the most common roofing problems that can be prevented by hiring experienced metal roofers in Nassau County NY to install and maintain your roof. For more information about metal roofs and how to hire a certified roofer, contact us.

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