The Importance of Representation by a Knowledgeable Drug Crime Attorney in New Ulm, MN

A drug crime attorney in New Ulm, MN represents clients through every stage of the process. A person who is being questioned and investigated can hire a lawyer before being arrested or charged with a crime. Most people hire a lawyer after being taken in for questioning or being arrested. Even a person who has been convicted may want to begin an appeal with a different attorney or have the conviction expunged from their record.

A Proactive Strategy

Hiring a lawyer before being charged is a proactive strategy allowing the attorney the opportunity to get an edge over the prosecuting attorney. The defense lawyer with an organization such as Blatz Law Office represents the client during any questioning by investigators. If there is not enough evidence to make an arrest, detectives work hard to convince the person to be forthcoming during questioning. Details on this particular organization can be found at

When a drug crime attorney in New Ulm, MN is present, the investigators know that the lawyer will block these attempts. The defendant has a Constitutional right to not speak with police officers. They often do so, however, in an attempt to be cooperative and show they have nothing to hide.

Battling the Charges

Battling drug charges can be a real struggle and may feel overwhelming at times. The defendant, as well as relatives and close friends, fear that this person will be facing a prison sentence. Aggressive defense by a knowledgeable legal professional is essential. The lawyer may be able to keep the case out of court by convincing the prosecuting attorney to drop the charges due to lack of solid evidence.

Plea Bargain Considerations

A plea bargain may be the best solution if the person is guilty and the evidence is strong. A prison sentence might be avoided altogether, with a long term of probation instead. Routine drug testing will assuredly be required, and there may be a requirement for community service. Plea bargains should not be taken lightly, however. Innocent individuals sometimes accept these deals because they are terrified of going to prison, but that conviction stays on the record and can have long-lasting negative effects.

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