The Method Used in the Methadone Detox Centers

by | Dec 24, 2012 | Health Care

Methadone detox centers utilize methadone to assist heroin and opiate abusers. The goal is to use methadone to replace the more severe drugs. It is simply referred to as replacement therapy. Methadone is a narcotic also, but if used as it is supposed to be used in a controlled environment, it can be a successful detox method. The entire process has the goal of success so all aspects are carefully administered by the professionals.

Types of Methadone Centers

There are basically two types of methadone clinics – private and public. The public clinics are run and funded by public funds. They are cheaper, but there is usually a waiting list. If someone is ready to deal with his addiction, it is best not to wait.

The private methadone clinics are more expensive but usually do not have a waiting list. They are also difficult to find because they are not plentiful. The methadone detox centers do operate under close federal regulations because methadone is a narcotic and an individual can become addicted to it, just as they were addicted to the heroin.

The Method of Full Physical Disclosure

Before starting methadone at one of the methadone detox centers, the patient has to prove he is taking opiates. This is done through a urine test. When that has been determined, the individual will check into a hospital for a full battery of tests to determine what condition he is in and what damages the drug addiction may have already done.

The hospital stay for the battery of tests is short lived. After this, the process of detoxing begins. This process can take anywhere from three to seven days. The stay depends on the severity of the addiction and how the patient responds to the treatment.

The Method of Reducing Withdrawal Affects

One of the main things methadone detox centers aim to do is to alleviate the painful withdrawal symptoms the patient experiences while weaning off opiates and heroin. Methadone takes care of these symptoms and offers long-term benefits if the patient stays under strict doctor’s orders for how to take the methadone.

The methadone is then administered intravenously and orally to cleanse the opiate receptors. This process takes around two hours while the patient is sedated. Some methods of administering methadone may not require sedation, but the withdrawal symptoms may increase as well.

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