The Pluses Of Gastric Bypass Surgery: Greater Weight Loss And Reduced Diabetes

Obesity remains as one of the biggest health threats in America today. In cities such as El Paso, the problem results in chronic health issues including the rise of Type 2 Diabetes. Medical weight loss surgeries are one means of controlling the “epidemic.” One method popular for achieving such a result is gastric bypass surgery.

Why Gastric Bypasses Remain Popular

In this procedure, the bariatric surgeon bypasses or reroutes your digestive system. It accomplishes this by creating a small pouch at the upper portion of the stomach. A tube then connects this pouch to the small intestine allowing the digested food in the pouch to exit without passing through the entire stomach. The intent is to promote a sense of fullness as well as to suppress hunger pangs.

People who have gastric bypass surgery report two significant benefits.

1. A significant loss of excess body weight – statistics from research indicate they can lose as much as two-thirds within the two years following the procedure. This is long-term weight loss when patients continue to follow the instructions of their medical personnel.

2. A decrease or resolution of weight-related problems such as Type 2 Diabetes

In addition, gastric bypass procedures are less invasive surgically. Patients who undergo them, find they spend less time in hospital, than those who underwent other bariatric procedures. Moreover, recovery time is quicker.

The Pluses of Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you are obese and looking at a safe, effective means of losing weight, do take the time to consider bariatric surgery. Of several methods available to patients in El Paso, a favorite option is gastric bypass surgery. It owes its position to a variety of reasons. Selecting this method can prove to be successful in helping you find your way back to a healthy BMI and improve your self-confidence.

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