Things To Consider Before Having Bunion Surgery

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Bunions may not be the most attractive thing but, in many cases, they can be treated by wearing the right shoes, using special pads in the shoes, and other noninvasive measures. However, in some cases, it makes sense to have Bunion Surgery near Kenosha to fix the alignment of the big toe. This isn’t a matter to be undertaken lightly, though. Consider the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Reasons to Consider Surgery

If the bunion isn’t painful, most doctors usually won’t recommend Bunion Surgery. There are certain cases when it can be a good idea, including when it is so painful to wear shoes that it’s hard to walk any distance, swelling and inflammation doesn’t get better with medicine or rest, the toes start to cross over each other, or the toe is so stiff it can’t be bent or straightened normally.

Expected Results

This surgery isn’t a cure-all that will make it so a person can wear skinny shoes and has no more pain at all in the toe. It may help reduce the pain, but the toe could also have ongoing pain even when there wasn’t any pain before the surgery. People who have this surgery may take up to six months to fully recover and may need to keep avoiding certain types of shoes, such as high heels and shoes that are pointy or very narrow, for the rest of their lives. However, the surgery usually makes it easier to go about participating in normal daily activities with minimal pain.

Potential Complications

No surgery is without risk, but complications are relatively rare in bunion surgery and are usually possible to treat. These could include the bunion coming back, the big toe joint being stiff, the bone not healing all the way, continued pain even after the surgery, injury to the nerve, or infection. A patient will get the best results and limit the risk of complications if he or she follows the proper recovery procedures. This means taking care of the wound dressing, elevating the foot as much as possible for a few days, taking prescribed medications as directed, not putting too much weight on the toe, wearing the recommended shoes, and completing the recommended physical therapy exercises.

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