Things You Need to Know Before Hudson River Rafting

Whitewater rafting on the Hudson River is an exhilarating way to spend your vacation. Whether you are traveling with your family or a group of friends, spending the day traveling the waves of the Hudson River can be great fun. Located in the Adirondack Mountains in New York, you will find plenty of action on a Hudson River rafting trip. Before you head out, you should understand the various classifications of the river to help you determine the best time of year to plan your trip.

Class I

As one would think, Class I is the easiest class of whitewater to navigate. There is little water movement with only a few small waves. This is the perfect type of whitewater for the beginner to head out in. There might be a few rough spots, but they are easily seen ahead of time and can be avoided.

Class II

This class takes the beginner’s level up a notch. This class is good for beginners with a little experience. You will find water that moves faster than Class I. You will also find rocks, holes and minor waves, all of which can be avoided if you have some basic experience.

Class III

As you get into the higher classes, such as Class III, training is definitely required for safety. In Class III, you will find water that moves quickly with constantly changing rapids. You will also come across a large number of obstacles that require the knowledge and skills to maneuver your raft around them safely.

Class IV

This advanced level condition of the whitewater requires a lot of training and expertise. The rapids are large, as are the waves, making it difficult to see the obstructions ahead of time. It will take great skill to maneuver your way safely around the obstacles.

Class V

This expert level is for the danger seekers. The waters are violent, and the rapids are high enough they cover up the rocks, making it necessary to understand how to maneuver the raft quickly to avoid serious danger.

Before you book your Hudson River rafting trip, take the time to talk to a specialist about the area in which you are planning on rafting. You can ask them exactly what the conditions are like during the time of year you are planning to travel and if it would be safe for your level of expertise.

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