Three Best-Selling Brands at One Used Semi Trailer Dealer in Rochester, MN

Browsing the inventory of a Used Semi Trailer Dealer in Rochester MN will reveal that many manufacturers produce models that are ready to serve for quite a few years. A quick look at some of the leading names in the industry will make it clear that anyone in the market for a used trailer will have some compelling options to consider.

Manufacturers Dedicated to Producing Trailers That are Ready for the Long Haul

Most brand-new semi-trailers cost twenty thousand dollars or more, with specialized designs often being priced at several times as much as general-purpose ones. Shopping at a Used Semi Trailer Dealer in Rochester MN often proves to be a great way to save significant amounts of money while still obtaining the equipment needed for a particular business or type of work.

Call us to make an appointment and it will become clear there are quite a few trailer manufacturers turning out products worth considering. Some of the trailer brands that most often resonate with secondary-market buyers today are:

* Cornhusker.

* As the company’s name suggests, Cornhusker focuses mostly on producing trailers that are well suited to hauling agricultural products. Hopper-style trailers manufactured by Cornhusker are quite often seen carrying commodities like wheat, soybeans, rice, and corn. The same basic design can just as well be used, though, to transport certain construction materials and similar materials.

* Transcraft.

* Semi-trailers are often loaded up with vehicles and equipment that take up significant amounts of space. Split-level, drop-down trailers turned out by companies like Transcraft are designed to make these types of duties easier. In addition to enabling more clearance, drop-down trailers can be easier to load and unload.

* East End.

* Trailers that can dump loose materials like sand and gravel are frequently seen being used on construction sites. Manufacturer East End produces many trailers that are well suited to these kinds of work and others.

Many More Leading Trailer Brands Are Seen on the Used Market

Leading names like these quite often crop up in the inventories of local used trailer dealers. Opting to buy a pre-owned semi-trailer does not need to mean settling for less than the best the market has to offer.

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