Three Factors to Discuss Before Your Charleston, SC, Bathroom Renovation Begins

Now that there’s money to move forward with those bathrooms renovations in your Charleston, SC, home that you’ve always wanted, it’s time to start making plans. As you work with a contractor to come up with the right approach, it pays to address these three factors early on. Doing so will make the rest of the decisions easier to make.

Making Changes to the Plumbing System
One of the first things to decide is what sort of changes must be made to the plumbing. If your vision does not include moving the tub, lavatory, and toilet to other areas of the space, there’s a good chance that the current plumbing will suffice. Should you want to add something to the space, such as a corner tub with a separate shower, the changes may be minimal. Working this aspect out in advance will go a long way toward finalizing the layout for the space.

Comparing Tile Colors
You’ve decided that the old tile has to go. What colors would work best in the space? Many homeowners choose to include neutral colors in their plans for bathrooms renovations in Charleston, SC. This makes it easier to change the look of the space by selecting new accessories like towels, wall art, and window treatments. If you’ve lived with an outdated color for a long time, a neutral one may be just what you crave.

Selecting New Fixtures
You’ve already decided to go with a new lavatory, tub, and toilet. Why not spring for new fixtures as well? Consider going with something that introduces a bit of style while still being easy to keep clean. If you’re not sure what sort of fixtures would work best, most contractors who have done multiple bathrooms renovations in Charleston, SC, homes can provide some suggestions.

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