Three Korean Dish Must-Have Ingredients

Enjoying cuisines from cultures other than your own is always good for the palate. Korean Noodles in Los Angeles, for example, have a way of waking up the senses thanks to the spices that are added to the many recipes. To understand the dishes from Korea, it is a good idea to explore the region and history of the country. This culture has become near experts in food preservation, so lots of flavors are added in the preservation process. Since the country is surrounded by water on three sides, seafood is a popular addition.

Here are three ingredients that are essential to Korean cooking.


The history of Korean people has a lot to do with why rice is the main ingredient for many dishes. It is also due to lifestyle. While in modernized countries, it seems like eating simple meals of rice and kimchi is a poor person’s diet, it is not quite true. The diet of this culture is actually pretty healthy. It also provides several vitamins and nutrients for the body. Since chopsticks are the utensil of choice, all meats are cut into small pieces so no knife is required at mealtime.

Soy Sauce

Dishes that originate from Korea include food that is preserved. This means that they tend to be heavily flavored with salt and other spices. Soy sauce is salty and necessary for an extra punch on what can be an otherwise bland bowl of rice with a protein of choice.

Hot Peppers

Hot peppers are added to dishes as seasoning toppings in flake or crushed form. While soy sauce adds a salty touch, the peppers give the food some heat. It was the Portuguese who introduced this additive to food. Within a century, it was widely used without hesitation.

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