Three of the Best Chevrolet Options for College Students and Commuters

You need a fuel-efficient, convenient vehicle if you’re a college student or someone who travels great distances back and forth to work. Chevrolet Lockport dealers have some of the most efficient and accommodating cars in the industry to suit your needs. Three vehicles that could be great choices for your next purchase are:

Chevrolet Spark

You’ll probably love the Chevrolet Spark if you’re into fashion. This subcompact, five-door hatchback’s color lineup is appealing, and so is its design. No other car on the market has such fun colors as Caribbean Blue Metallic, Passion Fruit Metallic, and Raspberry Metallic. Its 10 color options aren’t this vehicle’s only asset, however. The Spark can get up to 38 mpg on the highway, and it has more than 27 cubic feet of cargo space.

Chevrolet Sonic

The Sonic, available as a sedan or hatchback, is an affordable option that has 47 cubic feet of cargo space as well as the ability to get 34 mpg on the highway. You can buy a Sonic with a convenient automatic transmission or a fuel-efficient manual transmission. Its nine color options for 2019 include Kinetic Blue Metallic, Orange Burst Metallic, and Shock, a light, bright lime green.

Chevrolet Cruze

The Cruze and the Sonic have similar motors. You may like the Cruze if you want something a little bit bigger to drive. This compact sedan seats up to five people and has a myriad of tech features like 4G LTE and Bluetooth. You can also get up to 42 mpg on the highway. Its 13 colors include Red Hot, Satin Steel Gray Metallic, and Pacific Blue Metallic.

Those are just a few suggestions if you’re looking for a Chevrolet in Lockport that can give you a stellar driving experience and still save you money on fuel. Contact Hawk Chevrolet of Joliet to choose a budget-friendly Chevy that you’ll love to own.

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