Three Reasons to Hire a Reliable Auto Accident Attorney To Ensure Results

After being in an auto accident, you may believe you can handle the insurance company (and the other driver’s lawyer) yourself. However, most insurers have dedicated legal teams whose sole purpose is to minimize payouts. You don’t have to deal with the aftermath of an accident alone. A Rockford car accident attorney will do the hard work for you, allowing you to focus on recovery and providing the benefits listed below.

An Understanding of State Law

Unless you have legal training, you probably don’t know all the laws pertaining to your situation. The doctrine of comparative fault, the statute of limitations, and other laws all play a role, and an experienced accident attorney will identify relevant laws and apply them to your case. By working with a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge needed to prevail in court, you won’t have to spend your own time on research.

Help with Insurance Claims

After an accident, the first place to turn to will be your insurer (or that of the at-fault party). The process seems simple: file a claim and receive a settlement up to the coverage limit. However, reality is different, and claims are denied for various reasons. Attorneys know which information to provide in a third- or first-party claim to maximize the chances of an approval. If a claim is denied, though, a Rockford car accident attorney will know how to file an appeal.

Aggressive Courtroom Representation

Insurance negotiations sometimes fail after auto accidents. One of the biggest issues with obtaining a fair settlement is a policy that’s so low it won’t cover your damages. When settlement isn’t possible, an attorney will protect your interests and seek compensation via a jury award. Learn more or call The American Law Firm, P.C. to request a consultation with a Rockford car accident attorney.

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