Three Situations When a Divorce Mediator Might Be Helpful in Atlanta

You’re probably feeling a little stressed if you’re considering getting a divorce in the Atlanta area. The good news is that a divorce mediator in Atlanta, GA, might be able to help you. These are three situations in which it might be wise for you to contact such a provider.

You Have Custody and Visitation Issues

A divorce mediator in Atlanta, GA, might be the best person for you to speak to if you have custody and visitation situations to resolve. This person can help you to come up with an amicable solution to the proper care of your child. It might be worth it to speak to a mediator if you’re having trouble working out this part of the details.

You’re Experiencing Stress

A mediator might be able to help you if you are experiencing stress as well. This type of professional can support you emotionally and help you walk you through the process of getting your divorce. You have a lot on your plate right now, and you could probably use a little bit of assistance.

You Want More Amicable Communications

A mediator can be the middle person in your divorce so that you don’t have to speak directly with your spouse. Some people employ mediators because they want to avoid confrontations. You may want to consider talking to a mediator for this reason as well.

You should consider contacting a mediator if any of these three situations is apparent. You can at least have a consultation to discuss if you should speak further.

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