Tips for Effectively Implementing Contingent Workforce Solutions

Increasing numbers of companies are using contingent workforce solutions. Many are including it in their business strategies as a way to decrease fixed payroll costs, gain skilled labor and experience, as well as increase the flexibility of their workforce. However, in some cases, using contingent workers can become complex. Here are three suggestions for how to make contingent workforce solutions more effective and beneficial for your company.

Thoroughly Assess the Company’s Current Situation

Increasing effectiveness will mean a good look at your current circumstances. This will help give you a grasp of your company’s strengths and weaknesses. How many non-permanent workers do you presently have on staff and are you expecting to increase that number in the future? Are you well versed on worker classification so you can avoid tax penalties and fines? Is it difficult to keep track of payments? Knowing your current situation can be useful when exploring contingent workforce solutions.

Effective Use of Technology

Having an efficient labor management software program can help when monitoring, tracking, managing and paying non-permanent staff. It can be useful for maximizing productivity, helping you put workers where they are most needed, increasing visibility to reduce spending, helping anticipate problems and finding opportunities to help reduce costs. Software programs can help organize essential information to help you make choices about a contingency workforce.

Hire a Managed Services Provider

A managed services provider can help with daily management services. Mid-sized companies often lack resources, personnel and revenue necessary for managing non-permanent staff. A provider will control and assume the responsibility of contingency workers so the process goes smoothly and is beneficial for your company. They will have ideas for building a contingency staff based on your company’s unique needs and can help reduce risks and liabilities associated with it.

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