Tips for Reducing Energy Costs Connected With Heating And Air Conditioning in Neenah, WI

Technicians providing service for heating and air conditioning in Neenah WI can offer helpful techniques for their customers to reduce energy costs. With the extremes in temperature experienced in this region during both winter and summer months, and the heating season being a long one, people are always looking for ways to cut those expenses.

Sealing Air Leaks

A great deal of climate-controlled air can be lost through leaky window and door frames. Adding or replacing weatherstripping stops those leaks. Caulk is another option. Some residents of this region add a plastic film to their windows before winter. The material and double-sided tape are available in affordable kits at hardware and home improvement stores. Using a handheld hair dryer to eliminate any wrinkles makes the film almost invisible.

Running Fans

People can operate their air conditioning at a higher temperature setting if they run fans in the home. Fans cost a great deal less to run than central air does, and the breeze helps people feel cooler. Box fans, oscillating fans, and ceiling fans should all be put to good use on hot days. They should also be turned off when everyone leaves the room for any length of time. The breeze cools people and their pets, but it doesn’t actually lower the temperature.

Covering Windows

Although it may seem a bit dreary, keeping the window blinds and shades closed on hot, sunny days allows the air conditioner to put forth less effort. At a minimum, those window coverings should be kept in place when everyone is gone for the day.

Adding Moisture to Air

In the winter, a humidifier keeps rooms feeling warmer, allowing the household to run the furnace at a lower temperature setting. A whole-house humidifier can be installed by a contractor such as Bob’s Quality Heating & Cooling if this seems advisable.

Scheduling a Tune-Up

An annual tune-up by technicians providing service for heating and air conditioning in Neenah WI can significantly decrease costs to run the furnace and central air. A clean, properly adjusted system works remarkably more efficiently. The customers also dramatically extend the lifespan of their equipment with yearly maintenance. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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