Tired Of All-white Weddings? 6 Ways To Get Creative With Black

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Shopping

White or lacy tablecloths often take the centerstage. But black tablecloth options can be just as perfect for your event. Here’s why.

You’re hosting a black-tie event

Fancy touches to your party could include these tablecloths. The color makes it easy to conceal stains and marks, maintaining a clean and sophisticated look throughout the event.

You want contrast

You can load up the cloth with plates in bright white. That’s going to create a chic and dramatic contrast. Match it up with polished silverware, and you should be good to go. This is one way to prepare a luxurious party for your guests.

You have the tableware

If you love collecting bright white tableware, then a black tablecloth is the perfect background to offset everything, from your dishware to your glassware. Add in white vases and flowers for a pop of color.

You have a white wedding cake

There’s nothing that sets off a beautiful white wedding cake than a tablecloth that’s dark as midnight. Pair that up with black candleholders and wedding holders. And for a bit of glamour, you may want to go with a sequined tablecloth, the Decoist says.

You’re tired of all the white

Want a different look for your wedding? These tablecloths can deliver. If you’re tired of seeing all the lacy and white variety out there, no worries. With dark tablecloths, you can create tablescapes that capture the essence and meaning of elegance without using the same old white and lace options.

You can decorate it with silver

Punch up the black by pairing it up with silver. That’s an ingenious way to create a dazzling tablescape for your wedding reception. Use alternative stripes of black and white for an inviting venue many of your guests aren’t likely to forget any time soon. If you want to make an impression, don’t just rely on all-white options. Get creative with black.

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