Top Benefits Of Hormone Therapy In St Johns FL

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Healthcare

While hormone therapy has been around for years, there are still some people who are not that familiar with it and may not how beneficial it can be for them. This type of therapy is highly recommended by doctors all around the world. Here are just a few of the top benefits to undergoing hormone therapy from a physician in St Johns FL.

  • Many patients who have undergone this type of therapy report a drastic improvement in their overall quality of life. Their entire sense of well-being is lifted like never before. They have a positive sense of perception that other women simply will not be able to experience.
  • There is clinical evidence that proves that hormone therapy provides long-term protection concerning cardiovascular disease. Since this is a leading cause of death in women in America, this is a benefit that cannot afford to be ignored.
  • Elimination of “hot flashes” caused by menopause is a benefit that patients report almost immediately after undergoing hormone therapy. The estrogen that is utilized in this style of treatment is extremely effective in providing a better sleep cycle than that which is typically experienced during menopause.
  • A study performed at a famous college in England determined that patients undergoing hormone replacement therapy experienced great enhancements in short term memory gains. These studies have been duplicated around the world, so there is no denying the fact that the estrogen used is of a major benefit when given by a physician in St Johns FL.
  • Hormone replacement therapy has been noted as the greatest defender against the onset of adult osteoporosis. As people age, their bones tend to weaken. Estrogen helps to inhibit the actions of osteoclasts, which are cells that eat away old bone so that new bone replaces it.

Contact us to schedule an appointment or for a consultation if more information is needed. The provider and the patient can discuss if hormone therapy is an appropriate form of therapy to undergo and the best course of action to take going forward. Let the knowledgeable and friendly providers and staff guide the journey back to a happy and fulfilling life. For more details about hormone therapy in St Johns FL, contact Modern Aesthetic Centers today.

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