Top Concerns When it Comes to Heating & Air Conditioning

If you have an HVAC unit in your Chicago area home, you probably keep your fingers crossed that it will remain working for many year to come. However, no matter how well you may car for your heating and air conditioning in Chicago, it is possible that repairs will be needed. There are many concerns that pop up that are much more common than others. If you have noticed that something is wrong with your heating air conditioning Chicago, it is likely one of the following issues:

An Issue with Your Air Conditioning

It is possible that you may have an issue with your AC and that is why your unit isn’t working correctly. Common issues with the AC include problems with the compressor, water leaks, problems with air flow and even air not being cold enough. These are all fairly common problems but some are more expensive to repair than others. You can usually avoid more expensive issues by ensuring that you have proper maintenance done on your unit as recommended.

Problems with Your Furnace

If your AC is working fine but your furnace is acting up, you may want to look into common furnace problems. For instance, it may not be blowing warm air out or it simply may need a new filter. It is recommended that you get your furnace looked at annually in order to avoid any potential problems. It is not unusual for a new system to be several thousand dollars so by scheduling a check, you may be able to avoid these costly repairs.

Other Issues in the System

There are other concerns that may come up too, and these could affect your whole system. For instance, a problem in the duct work could affect both the heating and air conditioning in your home. The same goes for a problem with the thermostat. It may not be functioning correctly or you may not be able to control the temperature in your home at all. Instead of trying to figure out the problems on your own, at the first sign of trouble, make sure to contact a local Chicago company to come out and take a look. That phone call could literally save you thousands of dollars in the future.

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