Treat Your Taste Buds With Chef Select 361

Fine dining is at your convenience with Chef Select 361! Our company tends to your needs, whether you’re in the airline catering industry or need delicious cuisine for a wedding. We pride ourselves on a diverse menu of mouth watering meals that no one can object to.

What Can You Expect From Chef Select 361?

– USDA and FDA Approved Food

Our packaged meals are made with the highest quality of ingredients to tickle your customers’ taste buds and provide them with the nutrition they need.

– Gourmet Options

Chef Select 361 is known for our delicious empanadas but our menu is much more than that. Each meal is fresh and inspired by our parent company, Pyramid Food Service.

– Delivery and Availability

We will craft the menu of your dreams and deliver it to your door, whether you work in a senior citizen home or in the airline catering industry.

– Trusted Chefs

Our team is knowledgeable about cuisine from all around the world and known for their South American food. Tasty menu options include cilantro lime chicken, pepper steak, and pineapple baby back ribs.

– Co-Packing Services

We at Chef Select 361 want to help you get your product on the market. Our marketing team can help you with the process of creating custom labels and branding your business when you’ve come up with a great idea for cuisine.

Contact Us Today!

Visit our website at to answer your questions and receive a quote for your business. Our customer service team is happy to help you with the process and more than ready to hear from you. We are proud to present affordable meals for all walks of life to keep clientele satisfied.

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