Understanding the Procedures Offered by Endodontists in California MD

Endodontics is a dental specialty which involves treating problems dealing with the inside of a tooth. Endodontists in California MD strive to save teeth through various procedures. Patients are often referred to an endodontist when damage to a tooth’s pulp puts the patient at risk of losing the tooth.

Root Canals

Endodontists in California MD are experts when it comes to performing root canals. While general dentists are also trained to perform this procedure, they do far fewer on a weekly basis. The average endodontist performs about 25-30 root canals per week.

Root canals are indicated whenever the pulp of a tooth becomes inflamed due to severe decay or infection. During the procedure, the endodontist will carefully open the tooth and remove all of the diseased pulp tissue. The inside of the pulp chamber is completely sterilized.

Once the procedure is complete, the endodontist will fill the open space with a rubber compound. The tooth is sealed shut with a filling. A dental crown may be recommended in order to reinforce the tooth. Root canals stop pain and prevent tooth extractions.

Sometimes root canals fail. A tooth may become painful or inflamed weeks or even years following treatment. In cases like this, another treatment may be necessary. An endodontist will only recommend extraction if the second root canal treatment also fails, which is rare.

Dental Trauma

A tooth may also become damaged as a result of an injury or trauma. If an erupting adult tooth takes a direct blow, for example, the root may stop growing. If left untreated, the tooth may eventually die and need to be extracted.

An endodontist may use a procedure called apexification to save the tooth. This procedure stimulates root growth so that a successful root canal can be performed. Apexification has a high success rate, especially if the patient seeks treatment soon after the injury.

While a general dentist is capable of handling most dental problems, some issues require the help of a specialist. If the problem deals with the inside or pulp of a tooth, an endodontist is the best specialist to see. Contact Louis B. Sachs D.D.S if you need to have a painful tooth examined.

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