Vet Walnut Creek

Animal doctors at Sun Valley Regional Animal Hospital are part of a highly trained clinical staff that offers a wide range of vet services to patients in the Walnut Creek area.  The veterinarian team undergoes extensive training beyond the minimum requirements in order to ensure the implementation of a highly technical skill set that result in a higher level of care for customers.  Vet Walnut Creek offers a wide variety of services, including internal medicine, orthopedic and soft-tissue surgery, dentistry, stem cell therapy and a blood donor program.

Key components of your pet’s regular preventative healthcare regime include regular dental visits and internal preventative medicine.  Local vets Walnut Creek are dedicated to protecting your pet’s continued health and wellbeing through regular dental examinations, which not only keep gums and teeth healthy but also help to prevent health complications that result from poor care of the teeth and gums. Vet Walnut Creek focuses on prevention and early detection.  Service at this facility includes state of the art diagnostic equipment complete with an on-site laboratory, digital radiography machine and ultrasound equipment.  Internal medicine for your pet can include treatments of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, treatments for disorders of the liver, kidney, or urinary tract, and treatments of the respiratory tract.

The staff of vet Walnut Creek is on hand to perform emergency surgery as well as scheduled, or projected procedures-which might include anything from a tooth extraction to spay/neuter procedures or hip replacements.  Surgical treatments are preceded by a physical exam, blood work, administration of anti-anxiety medication and installation of an intravenous catheter that will be used to administer medications and fluids.  Once in a while, a pet must be admitted for treatment.  Parents of hospitalized pets will get daily phone call updates and are encouraged to spend time with their pets during posted visiting hours.

Sun Valley Regional Animal Hospital vets Walnut Creek maintain a blood donor program for pets through this facility.  Although there are veterinary blood banks available, urgent situations may arise in which a pet may need an immediate transfusion and cannot wait for blood to be shipped.  For this reason, donors are appreciated, including healthy cats and dogs between 18 months and 8 years old that meet various health criteria.  Both feline and canine donors must be in good health (no chronic medication use, no illnesses and no infections), and must be caught up on all vaccinations and flea/heartworm treatments.  Only indoor cats weighing at least 10 lbs. and dogs weighing at least 50 lbs. are eligible to donate.  The vet Walnut Creek community very much appreciates your pet’s generosity!

Whether your pet has to have complete, emergency, routine or one-time care, the vet in Walnut Creek are highly trained, available, and dedicated to providing top notch care for your pet, using state-of-the-art equipment and practices.  The Sun Valley vets and staff are anxious to make your four footed friend a member of their patient-family

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