What Can A Patient Expect From A Root Canal Procedure in South Loop?

Root canal in South Loop is a procedure done to save a badly damaged or decayed tooth. It is typically done when a bacterial infection has penetrated the exterior and reached the dental pulp.

What Does A Root Canal Involve?
The dentist will remove all of the infected and decayed parts of the tooth, and they will then clean the interior with an anti-bacterial solution to make very certain there are no infectious agents left. They will strengthen the now-hollow tooth by filling it with a tough plastic substance called gutta-percha.

In most cases, the patient will need a crown to cover the tooth. The dentist will thus take an impression of the tooth to have the crown custom-made. They will place a temporary crown on the tooth to protect it. When the permanent crown is ready, the dentist will fit it to the tooth and then bond it with a special cement. If you are looking for root canal in South Loop then visit them online.

What Is A Crown?
A dental crown is a type of restoration that covers the entire top of the tooth. It is often made from porcelain or ceramic, which be custom-made to match the color of the patient’s natural teeth. A dental crown can also be made from acrylic or different kinds of metal alloys, including gold. Since the alloys are stronger than porcelain, the dentist may recommend them for the back teeth.

What Happens If Somebody Doesn’t Get A Root Canal?
Damaged or decayed teeth don’t get better if left alone. Instead, they will just get worse. A decayed tooth that is neglected will eventually reach a point where it is past saving, and the dentist will have to extract it.

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