What Can Property Owners Expect From Skunk Removal in Westerville OH?

Any nuisance animal removal job will start with an inspection of the property to determine the number of skunks present and how they are getting in and out. The animal removal professional will use an environmentally friendly way to remove the skunk and advise the property owner on ways to make their residence or business less attractive to skunks.

What Does Removing a Skunk Involve?

Skunk removal in Westerville, OH, will involve placing at least two humane traps on the property and baiting them with food formulated to attract skunks. As per state law, the animal removal professional will check the traps every 24 hours. When they catch the skunk, they will typically take it to a suitable habitat and release it. If the skunk is somehow dangerous, they will euthanize it.

What If the Skunk Caused Damage?

Repairing any damage caused by a nuisance animal is part of the service.

What Is Exclusion?

Exclusion describes a variety of techniques used to keep nuisance animals out of buildings and off properties. It can range from simply plugging up holes or cracks that the animal used to enter a building to erecting a fence. Skunks can dig under walls, so the animal control professional will have to use a wire mesh in a trench to keep the skunk out. They will use similar means to keep skunks from taking up residence under a deck or porch.

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