What Dental Implants In Burbank Can Do For Your Smile

Most dentists try as hard as they can to save teeth because it is generally true that the patient’s own teeth are the best possibility. However, sometimes teeth have to be removed because they are either so rotten and infected that they no longer work or cause excruciating pain. Sometimes teeth get broken due to trauma. In any case, most people can get by missing a tooth or two, but sometimes they cannot. This might be because of cosmetic reasons. For example, if a traumatic accident caused someone to be missing their front teeth, they would likely be very self-conscious about smiling and it also makes biting into foods difficult. Also, if more than one tooth is missing, then it might make chewing foods very difficult. In either of these cases, as well as some others, dental implants in Burbank might be necessary.

A dental implant is the closest thing to a real tooth modern medicine has been able to construct. Dental implants in Burbank are permanently fused into the bone and generally act exactly like the real thing. These differ greatly from dentures or bridges that are put in temporarily and removed at night or when eating, etc. Having these made for your mouth is obviously a surgical procedure and you should always try to find the best oral surgeon available to make and implant the devices. Typically the implant itself is a titanium screw that is specially treated to allow it to bond quickly and solidly with the bone of the jaw. Then, usually once the screw has started the bonding process, a crown is attached. A crown is the actual white portion of the implant that looks like a tooth and allows you to have a normal-looking mouth full of teeth. These crowns can be molded and colored to match the teeth surrounding them and shaped to fit the place in the mouth that the tooth belongs. Although the tooth will feel a bit different to you when you chew food on it, it has the potential to look almost exactly like the tooth that was there before or better.

When you have Dental implants in Burbank, your smile will look beautiful and you will have all of the teeth necessary to bite and chew food the way you are supposed to. However, the quality of the results you get is definitely tied to the skill of the dental professional, so do your homework ahead of time.

Getting dental implants in Burbank is a time-consuming and expensive procedure. Making sure that you get the best surgeon available to you to actually implant the dental implants in Burbank is a good way to assure an excellent outcome.

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