What is a bounce house?

124oneGo to any country fair, corporate family day or kid’s birthday party and there is a good chance you will see an inflatable bounce house. These bounce houses can be in any imaginable shape, they may be in the shape of a castle, may be multiple story or may have slides. These products have been around for a long time and continue to be very popular with children of all ages.

The original bounce house wasn’t a house at all; it was not much more than a blow up mattress. The originals did not have enclosures or walls so children were constantly at risk of falling off and injuring themselves. The thinking at the time was to make a product that represented the feeling of walking on the moon or in outer space, the very first bouncy actually was called Space Walk.

When the space race was in full swing, everyone was interested in what was happening. With the landing of the first man on the moon, the Space Walk took off; everyone wanted to feel like they were men on the moon. For quite some time the original design that did not have any walls was used but eventually walls were added and the common name for an inflatable bounce house became Moonwalk.

Although there were some similarities between a blow up mattress and the original bouncy, these similarities stopped at visual. The material used was made from layers of vinyl or rubber and they were kept inflated with an electric fan. As is true today, the fans can draw their power from an electric circuit or from a portable generator. With variable sources of power, a bounce house can be set up anywhere, even in the middle of a park.

Bounce houses are made for all ages from 2-99. You will be amazed at how many college students and adults enjoy our inflatables. We even rent a 20 x 20 bounce house that can fit several adults at one time. Make sure you ask our representative to explain the differences so that we can get the bounce house that is best for you.

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