What to Consider Before Hiring a Company that Performs Wildlife Removal in Dallas TX

Wildlife in your yard or around your home can cause a lot of problems. They can cause health concerns with their droppings and the diseases that they carry. They can cause concern among your family members. They can also cause damage to your yard and home’s structure. So hiring a company that does wildlife removal in Dallas TX is a good decision to make your property critter-free. Here are some things to consider when making your decision on which company to use.

Licensed Companies
Before you make your final decision on a wildlife removal company, make sure they are licensed. If the company doesn’t have a license for pest control, there could be several ramifications. For one thing, if they get hurt on the job, they might try to sue you for their injuries. Since unlicensed wildlife removal companies can’t get bonded or insured, they can’t fall back on their policy when something happens. Also, if the company says they have a license and insurance, ask to see it. Reputable companies understand the concerns of their customers and they will readily show you the proof with no hesitation.

It’s difficult starting out in a new business and you might want to try to help a new wildlife removal company in your area get started. But do you want to be the person that hires someone to remove skunks or snakes if they don’t have any experience to back up their services? If the company hasn’t been in business for at least two years, you should consider a company with more experience for the bigger jobs. You can still help the companies with little experience by using them for easier jobs, such as ant removal, to help them learn about dealing with customers without putting yourself at risk.

When you call around looking for companies that do wildlife removal in Dallas TX, make a note of how professional the representatives are. Do they treat you with respect? Or do you feel like just another customer? Also, when they come to your home to do the wildlife removal, are they dressed professionally in uniforms? Or are they wearing street clothes? The way they look tells you a great deal about how professional they are and if they don’t care about their appearance, there is a chance they won’t do a professional job.

Before you sign any contracts or documentation, find out what type of warranty the wildlife removal company provides. Many of them will guarantee their work for several months, meaning that if you see the same type of rodent or critter reappear after they are done, they will come back and make sure it’s gone at no additional cost. Be clear on what is covered under their warranty and what’s not covered and always get it in writing.

At Critter Control of Dallas, we offer wildlife removal for all types of critters, rodents and pests. We have been serving the community for many years and our crews continue to strive for 100 percent satisfaction on each job we do regardless of how big or small it is.

wildlife removal

wildlife removal

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