What to Know About Medical Device Welding

Joining metal parts together in medical device welding is challenging, but a micro welding machine makes it possible. This type of machine allows manufacturers to weld small metal plates together, and they are strong and durable, which is necessary for medical devices.

How It Works

In medical device welding, manufacturers use micro welding machines to create strong bonds between two pieces of metal. It is a quick process that begins by applying pressure to two pieces of metal. The pressure creates friction, and the friction creates heat. Once the metal is hot enough, the welder can apply a filler material to the joint. The end result is a stronger bond.


Micro welding is a great option in medical device welding because it allows for the accurate creation of small parts for medical devices. It is designed to be scaled down, which means that it is cost-effective as well. A precision welder is a great option for this process.