What to Look for When Planning a Stay in a Group Pheasant Hunting Lodge

The truth is, not all group pheasant hunting lodges offer their guests a great experience. In fact, with some, you can wind up stuck with a staff who doesn’t care about your comfort and guides who don’t know a whole lot about pheasant hunting. The good news is that there are several criteria you can evaluate when you are trying to choose among the many group pheasant hunting lodges in the United States.

Some things to look for

Look for a lodge that’s been hosting guests for a while. This will show that they are serious about hospitality and passionate about hunting because they wouldn’t still be in business otherwise. The right lodge will list the number of guests they’ve had over the years right on their web page. Next, make sure that the lodge has at least 10,000 acres of the hunting area. High acreage not only ensures a good hunt, but it ensures that you will have a unique hunting experience each time you return.

Finally, look for testimonials from earlier guests on the lodge’s homepage. If they sound like they are from real people who had a great time, then that’s a very good sign. Remember, a hunting trip is about the whole experience, from the food at the lodge to the demeanor of the guides; make sure that earlier guests have found every aspect of their stay to their complete liking.

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