What’s best, a barber or a salon?

11182354_lWhat’s better, hair salons in Fort Walton Beach FL or barbers? That is a good question and the answer is not as simple as you might think, there are a number of factors to take into account. The situation is somewhat like saying “what’s better, a doctor or a vet?” It all depends on what you want, if you are in a military mood and you want short sides and top, then going to a salon is a waste of time and money, on the other hand, barbers are not the right people to give you a great shag and then add highlights. For men, choosing the right place to go can be tricky.

As far as the haircutters are concerned, usually a barber gets more training on shorter cuts, the more traditional style. On the other hand, a salon stylist gets the bulk of their training on cutting longer hair. A salon stylist also receives training in styling which is applicable to women.

Although there are still plenty of traditional barbershops, complete with the candy-cane barber pole out front, more and more barber shops are moving up-market, becoming salons for me. The lines between a barbershop and hair salons in Fort Walton Beach FL are becoming blurred. Here are few ideas and tips that can help you decide which is best.

Visit the barber if:

  • You want a short, military style haircut, perhaps a flat top or any traditional cut
  • Barbers are usually less expensive than salons so if you’re on a budget, pick a barber shop
  • If all you want is something simple that does not take much maintenance between cuts
  • If you want to get a professional shave, a special treat
  • If you are looking for a “men’s den,” barbershops are great places to hang out and strike up a conversation
  • If you abhor change, a barber can cut your hair the same time after time with no guidance

Visit a salon if:

  • You have longer hair
  • You want color
  • You want a fashionable cut
  • You want to change your looks
  • You want to buy professional hair care products

These guidelines are general of course and not every stylist or every barber will fit into the same mold.

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