When to Retain an Injury Lawyer in Ottawa County

Any person can file a personal injury claim when they are injured through the actions of another. There is no law stating a person must retain an Injury Lawyer in Ottawa County to handle this on their behalf. However, there are times when it is beneficial to obtain outside help. For example, when a person has medical bills that continue to mount, the injuries are severe or permanently debilitating, or a significant amount of time has been lost from work as a result of the accident, retain help right away.

The Extent of the Injuries

The first thing a person needs to consider when making this determination is the extent of their injuries. Any person who has suffered one or more severe injuries or has been permanently disabled as a result of the accident should consult with an attorney. The attorney works to prove the extent of the disability and demonstrate how it has impacted the victim’s life. This helps to ensure the proper compensation is obtained to account for the changes to the person’s life.

Proving Liability

One or more parties responsible for the accident might try to claim they aren’t liable. When this is the case, the attorney builds a case to show how and why they are. Furthermore, some companies may admit they are at fault but attempt to delay or refuse payment completely. The attorney knows how to handle these types of situations also.

The Type of Case

Minor fender benders typically don’t require legal assistance. Nevertheless, when a person is involved in an accident with a motorcycle, a semi, or a commercial vehicle, it never hurts to speak to an attorney. Many of these vehicle operators have special laws they must follow, and the attorney is aware of these laws and how they affect a case.

If you wish to speak to an Injury Lawyer in Ottawa County, contact Bleakley Law Offices P C. They work to protect the rights of individuals throughout Western Michigan and will be happy to discuss your case with you. Give them a call today to set up this initial consultation so you can begin your case today.

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