When You Have Termite Infestations Orange County Exterminators are the Answer

If you are a homeowner and have never had to deal with a termite infestation, you probably won’t be alarmed if you see a single termite. However, anyone who has ever experienced damage from these insects knows that when you see the first Termite Orange County professional exterminators should be called.

Termites are found in homes of every type. They damage structures, carpets, wallpaper, and even documents. Although you may see only a few insects, it is likely that they have built colonies and many more are tunneling under and around your home. There are many pesticides used to control termites, but most are toxic for people and pets, and dangerous to use. If you are inexperienced at pest control, you can also fail to locate all termite colonies, and the infestation will continue. However, when you call for help at the first sight of a Termite Orange County professionals can often eliminate the problem and minimize damage to your home. Some of the methods used to do this include:

INSPECTION: Exterminators are trained to locate mud tubes which termites use to travel. Hollow-sounding wood, pin holes in wallpaper, scattered wings, and sawdust are also signs that can indicate an infestation.

TREATMENT: If you do have an infestation, exterminators will discuss your options for treatment. Your home may need fumigation, and then treatment for specific areas. Professional exterminators will advise you of any damage that they find. They may treat the infestation with a substance which works when a termite carries it to their colony, eventually killing insects in deeper areas. The treatment is safe for you and your pets.

EDUCATION: Professional exterminators can explain what you can do to make future infestations less likely. For instance, they will explain how piles of wood and leaky pipes can provide food and water sources for termites. You may choose to schedule future inspections so that, if you see another Termite Orange County professionals can control the problem before damage is done.

Termite damage can be expensive and destructive, but professional treatment will control even the worst infestations, and routine inspections can prevent future problems. Contact Southern California Exterminators for a natural treatment for termites.


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