Why Bail Bond Services in Tyler TX Are Paramount for Low-Income and Poor Defendants

It’s no secret to sociologists that the court system’s bail requirements in the United States drastically favor people who are not low income or living in poverty. Without the opportunity to become a customer of Bail Bond Services in Tyler TX, many defendants would have to stay in jail before the case is resolved, even though they have not been convicted of any crime.

Not a Small Problem

This is not a small problem, and it has been addressed in features in publications like The New York Times and Atlantic Monthly. Thousands of people who have been charged with criminal offenses wind up behind bars because they cannot pay bail. Some states do not allow bail bond services, so these individuals typically have no option aside from pleading guilty in a plea bargain. That can help them gain immediate release, although they now have a criminal record and may have a long term of strict probation to follow.

Nevertheless, these people seek out Bail Bond Services in Tyler TX because they know their lives may fall apart if they have to stay in jail. They have jobs they can’t afford to lose and bills to pay. They have no savings safety net. They have children to care for.

Negotiating Lower Bail

In some instances, a relative or close friend may be able to pay for a criminal defense lawyer to negotiate a lower bail amount at a hearing. An attorney with an organization such as Strike Three Bonds might present a variety of reasons to persuade the judge to lower bail from $15,000 to $5,000. Even then, the defendant may not have $5,000 for cash bail, even while understanding that bail is refunded at the end of the case. But it will make the 10-percent bail bond fee much easier to pay.

Continuing on With Normal Life

The defendant may still decide that a plea bargain is the best route to take, but now there is no huge rush without the chance to consider the benefits and pitfalls. The individual goes home and continues on with life while deciding how to proceed. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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