Why Learn to Play Guitar? Maybe the Real Question Should Be “Why Not?”

Thinking of taking guitar lessons? Many people sign up for them every year, hoping to learn a new skill or improve existing ones. Maybe you’ve thought about it before, but have talked yourself out of it for whatever reason. Here are a few great reasons to talk yourself right back into finally committing to lessons this year:

A Great Hobby

How many people do you know that play guitar? Probably a lot, right? That’s because playing guitar is a hobby that a lot of people enjoy. It’s something you can enjoy alone, or playing in groups with others. It’s something you can plan to engage in for performances or just jump in and do when you have an impromptu jam session. However you like to enjoy your time, you can do it playing guitar.

A Bankable Skill

Everyone needs a guitar player. Whether it’s a community event or a band looking for a new member, guitar skills are always in demand. When you learn how to play guitar, you almost immediately become marketable in that respect. Improve your current skills to get more and better offers for gigs.

Being Part of Something Bigger

Another reason why people may take guitar lessons is to be part of a school, church, or community band. When you want to be part of a group but feel like you don’t have something to contribute, it can be alienating. Get in the groove – and the group – by learning to play guitar.


Of course, for most people, playing guitar – or learning to do so – is all about the fun. There’s nothing more enjoyable than learning to play your favorite tunes on the guitar. Guitar is the perfect instrument to learn, too, since songs from most genres translate well to it or already have parts written specifically for the instrument.

So, this year, when you think about taking guitar lessons, don’t talk yourself out of it. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose!

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