Why You Need Fast Help with Clogged Drains in Chicago

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Plumbing

Have you experienced a stopped drain in your kitchen or bathroom sink? This issue is a common frustration for residential homeowners and is not easily remedied with conventional DIY methods. For the most challenging drainage issues, we recommend calling a professional plumber for help with clogged drains in Chicago.

When Is a Drain Clog Serious Enough to Call a Plumber?

The worst drainage problems will affect multiple drains, making it almost impossible to fix with simple tactics like pipe cleaners or plungers. In the kitchen, this can occur if the sink becomes overwhelmed with any of the following items:

• Coffee Grinds
• Egg Shells
• Grease
• Rice
• Other Small Objects or Food

Human hair, especially in showers, is the primary culprit for drain clogs in bathrooms. If you’ve already tried to dislodge hair clogs with your own tools but to no avail, consider obtaining an inspection from a licensed plumber. They can locate the issue and apply corrective measures, including drain cleaning in Chicago.

How Does Drain Cleaning Resolve the Toughest Clogs?

Drain clogs can contribute to bathroom floods, permanent damage to pipes/fixtures, and loss of plumbing functionality. Fortunately, trained professionals deal with clogged drains in Chicago by using specific tools and instruments to delve deep into pipes and remove obstructions. They can also clean drains of all other accumulated residues and fully restore clean plumbing.

Chicagoland residents can find prompt solutions to drain clogs by calling a dependable plumber. Visit Apex Plumbing & Sewer to get help with your clogged drains in Chicago.

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