3 Tips for Creating a Big Impression With Your Small San Diego Wedding

When you want to keep your wedding simple, one of your first steps will be to search for small wedding venues in San Diego, CA. Even though your space will be limited and your guest list will be short, you shouldn’t feel as though you can’t still have a beautiful wedding. By adjusting the rest of your wedding plans to fit the smaller venue, you can create a beautiful yet intimate atmosphere for your big day.

You Can Still Hire a Band

Typically, couples will use a stereo or CD changer rather than hiring a band to play music at their small wedding reception. Even though your available space will be limited, you can still hire a band. A good rule of thumb to follow is that your band should have fewer people than your guest list. If you’re only inviting four or five guests, try looking for a singer or a three-man band.

Use Long Tables

While large, round tables can fit up to 20 people per table, they tend to take up more space. Alternatively, long tables, such as cafeteria tables, will make the venue seem bigger. Setting the tables together will also create a sense of community among the guests. Decorate the tables with tablecloths, flowers, and strings of lights to add to the ambiance.

Add More Decor
When reserving small wedding venues in San Diego, CA, decorating for your wedding day becomes a little more important. Try to come up with a theme to help you create a more immersive experience. Use candles, ivy, streamers, balloons, and another traditional decor to spruce up the setting. You can also find more ideas by browsing discount stores, flea markets, and antique shops. Look for unique ways to set your wedding apart.