4 Secrets to Getting Better Service at Restaurants

You love eating out. You hate getting bad service, though. If it keeps happening, you may be doing something wrong. Read through this list of tips to know what to do the next time you book any of your favorite lunch restaurants in Abington MA.

Don’t snap your fingers

A happy server equals excellent service, the Thrillist says. Always keep that in mind. If you’re going to snap your fingers at your server or if you don’t believe treating service workers like human beings matter, then you’re going to be in for an unpleasant time.

Ask for everything at once

There’s nothing more tiring for a server than having to run back and forth from a table because you and your friends keep saying your requests one by one. Do it all at once. That’s going to save your server time and effort.

Book early

If you want to make sure you get a table for you and your entire family, make sure you book ahead. Good lunch restaurants in Abington MA often fill up rather quickly during peak hours. If you don’t call ahead and book, then don’t get miffed when you arrive with no empty table in sight. If you pitch a fit because there aren’t any tables, that’s not a good start to getting great service from the resto.

Arrive on time

If you do have a reservation or you got there early enough to get an entire table for your party, be sure you all arrive on time. If you’re early and the rest of your party is going to arrive an hour later, then don’t hold up the table. Just transfer to a bigger one when your friends arrive. The restaurant staff will appreciate your thoughtfulness by ensuring that you and your friends get excellent service throughout the meal.

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