Lobster – Is it Healthy for You?

On its own, not much beats the taste of fresh lobster in Boston. And as a side dish, lobster brings a sweet flavor to your salads, soups, etc.
But is the tasty crustacean good for you, too? The answer is “yes,” so long as you don’t over-do it on some of the fattier dishes.

Low Fat, High Protein

If you’re looking for a good source of lean protein, then lobster is the way to go. As Livestrong says, a 6-ounce portion of lobster can give you 28 grams of protein while containing just 1.2 grams of fat – that’s a great source of amino acid and overall, a great way to keep your tissues healthy. Protein also helps strengthen your skeleton while promoting blood health by nourishing your bones and cartilage.

Promoting Healthy Bones

Lobster contains many of the minerals need for overall skeletal health, with 247 milligrams of prosperous and a whopping 140 milligrams of calcium for every 6-ounce serving you take in, Livestrong says. Both of these minerals contain the elements you need to make your bones strong, not to mention that calcium serves to promote nerve health.

Lobster is not just a tasty meal ; it’s also an excellent way for you to enjoy a multitude of health benefits.

Brain food

As if you ever needed an excuse to eat more lobster, right? Here’s another great reason: Lobster also contains two nutrients that give your brain a bit of a boost, choline and vitamin B-12. Lobster is loaded with both of those essential nutrients.

Fresh lobster in Boston – it’s not only the best meal you’ll eat all day, but it might also be the healthiest!

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