Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Social Security Disability Attorney

When people file for Social Security disability benefits, they either apply for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. In the former type of disability insurance, you’ll need to have worked at least nine out of the past 15 years to qualify. Conversely, the SSI income is more of a welfare version of disability insurance. Still, you’ll need an experienced Denver attorney to help you get either type of disability income. Here’s why.

Familiar With Process

An experienced Social Security disability attorney in Denver has been trained in Social Security law and knows which conditions can qualify you for disability benefits. This attorney will also know all the factors various judges consider when rendering their decisions.

No Money Upfront

In most cases, a reputable Social Security disability attorney in Denver will not charge you upfront for his or her services. Instead, the attorney’s law firm will receive a percentage of your backpay if you win your case.

Hearing Advocate

If your case goes to the hearing level, your Social Security disability attorney in Denver will argue your case before a judge to convince him or her that you have a genuine disability. Your attorney will also counter any arguments the vocational expert makes about any jobs you can supposedly still perform.

When you work with a Denver Social Security disability attorney, you’ll get all the assistance you need in filling out the initial application form and any appeal forms you need if you don’t win your case during the first round. These forms will keep your disability case open and give your attorney the chance to continue fighting for your benefits.

Feldman Disability Law is a highly reputable Social Security law firm that services the Denver area through all phases of the disability process, and you can reach the firm at 720-917-1300.

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